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    We do monitor User Voice; we share your disappointment that we don’t have a reproducible case, for this issue.

    If you can reliably reproduce the ‘low level exception’ problem, on your system, please contact Support and provide them with any files and source media required for that repro case, as well as (important!) step-by-step instructions on how you can reproduce the issue.

    We’re eager to pursue the issue further.

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    Adam Kortepeter commented  · 

    For those newcomers to this thread who are still experiencing this problem - The only successful resolution for this if you have legacy titles in your timeline is apparently to reinstall an older release of Premiere 2020. Rolling back to 14.0.1 seems to resolve this error and permit the use of GPU playback. I wish Adobe would have a better fix for this, but apparently they have not figured out how to reliably reproduce the problem. Alternatively, if you don't have many legacy titles, you could replace them with the new text tool or imported AfterEffects titles.

    FYI Rolling back to an earlier version may break the dynamic link connection to other Adobe applications, such as Audition or AfterEffects, so you may need to also roll back to equivalent versions of those apps you link out to from within Premiere.

    Hope this helps!

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    Adam Kortepeter commented  · 

    Here's a quick rundown on how to reproduce the issue:

    My System info:

    HP Z840 Workstation
    1 TB SSD (OS), 1 TB secondary SSD
    128 GB RAM
    Dual-Xeon CPU ES-2620 v3
    NVIDIA M6000 GPU w/ 24GB GDDR5 dedicated video memory
    (3072 CUDA cores, Nvidia driver version 442.92, Video BIOS version 84.400.4C.00.02, PCI Express x16 gen 3 slot)
    Windows 10 Professional 10.0.18363 Build 18363

    Step 1: Create a new Project
    Step 2: Make new Legacy Title. Standard HD 1920x1080 is fine.
    Step 3: Type any text into title area and close dialog.
    Step 4: Drag legacy Title to timeline in any track

    Error appears immediately as soon as you drag Title 01 to the timeline:
    "A low-level Exception Occurred in: Adobe Player (Player 6)"

    Error repeats as many times as you attempt to play the timeline, or add another title to the timeline.

    Does that about sum it up for everyone? Are there any other ways to get this error I haven't accounted for?

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    Adam Kortepeter commented  · 

    I have been working on and off with Adobe products over 20 years now, and I must say that they have never been particularly strong on user documentation. It has always been "go to the forum and maybe you'll get lucky and some user who has wasted more time trying to figure this out might be able to help you." The problem with that notion is (A) it means a bunch of people who are not Adobe employees are all wracking their brains trying to come up with a workaround, but (B) nobody on the forums can actually fix the code.

    If it's really a bug, all you see is a multitude of unanswered posts about the same problem. The forum is ultimately useless for finding a real fix, but that is always the first thing Adobe tells you to do regardless. Only Adobe can fix a bug. They are responsible for it, and they should be the ones to fix it.

    This is a huge weakness - a major failing in the product/service philosophy, in my humble opinion. With the change to a subscription model, I feel like the focus has shifted to pushing out the next release, and not so much ensuring that it ACTUALLY WORKS. They should be beta testing before they make the rest of us use it. If it's not ready, it shouldn't be released. CUDA is a component of the software we all depend on to get things done. It should not be an option for this to fail in the way that it has. I would be more forgiving if the new features were more buggy than if the old ones I rely on to do my job suddenly stop functioning. My boss just doesn't understand when I can't get something done with the same software that worked fine a week ago.

    As with any machine - the more moving parts it has, the higher the likelihood that one of them will break. We should not be "beta testing" unstable releases when we have projects that need to get out the door on a deadline. It should be stable before it gets rolled out to all subscribers. I'm inclined to recommend to my employer that we don't install any updates from adobe for at least 6 months, but honestly I shouldn't have to. Adobe should be more careful. Just my thoughts.

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    Adam Kortepeter commented  · 

    Mine says (Player 5) not 11

    Adam Kortepeter supported this idea  · 

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