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    We do monitor User Voice; we share your disappointment that we don’t have a reproducible case, for this issue.

    If you can reliably reproduce the ‘low level exception’ problem, on your system, please contact Support and provide them with any files and source media required for that repro case, as well as (important!) step-by-step instructions on how you can reproduce the issue.

    We’re eager to pursue the issue further.

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    LEE MCEACHERN Jr commented  · 

    Adobe, I don't know how to do software engineering; I know how to make a video. And I've been making video with the help of your software for this long: You hired me to produce the first marketing video ever made for Premiere. Very first version. It was hard because I had to get out of my videotape editing suite and learn what we then called nonlinear editing to do it. I was editing in your basement and your software crashed constantly. I had to spend as much time writing up crash reports as I did editing and I had to find a way through that in order to deliver a video to you on time. All of that didn’t make me angry; I understood. Creating an ambitious new product like Premiere is extremely challenging and bugs are going to be a part of it. Many year later I still rely on Premiere (Pro CC) as a mature and mostly rock-solid editing system that has been a big part of my career. But today, Adobe, I feel like you just don't care enough about the users of your product. If you really cared you would be proactive and so concerned about the people who continue to pay your monthly fees that you wouldn't post something that says, basically, "This isn’t a problem we’re going to worry too much about because we haven't seen it here. We haven’t heard enough. So, we're going to wait until one of you complainers sends us something better to work with." But you know, Adobe, I see reports of this bug going back to November. Many, many consistent reports since then. Certainly in my studio, too. I'm shut down. This is serious, Adobe. It's having severe effects on your customers. Loyal customers. How about showing some loyalty in return? With enough effort, I know you could run this to ground. You are the software engineers; you know this stuff so much better than we do. I guess this bug might be hard to fix. OK, sometimes I have some really hard problems that take me a long time to figure out, with minimal information to work on. But my income depends on how well I perform. My career depends on it. I have to do it.
    You have to do it.

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