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    Thank you for filing this bug report. We are investigating the problem.

    You can safely delete the CRLOG files from your system. These are crash log files that are supposed to be automatically deleted.

    You can change your Adobe crash report preferences from within any Adobe application by choosing Help > Adobe Crash Reporter.

    Edit: Can we contact you for more information, via the email address you used when you filed this report? Thanks.

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    Knopfdruck commented  · 

    Hey there,
    Still haven't received any official reaction from your side regarding the data security of the videofiles of my clients, which you are trying to upload -- despite my crash-reporter-settings...

    I think this is a big deal...

    Thank you very much.

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    Knopfdruck commented  · 


    Thanks very much for replying.

    I already moved the concerned files and I know these are crash reports --
    But this doen's justifiy the huge file sizes and I wonder if you are upoading my Video/graphic-Footage. (This would be illegal without my explicit permission or the permission of my clients ?)

    Please feel free to contact me via the known email adress.


    It's AE 16.0.0 / 2019 (Build 235).

    It's a pretty intense scene with lots of different 4k compositing, keying, some lights etc. - and this particuar scene crashes quite often a day. Maybe 10 times but not in short succession. Pretty random.

    But like I said: This doesn't justify file sizes up to 35gb and in this case 120gb in total. And this generates a performance problem on the one hand (os harddrive and upload) and must be corrected - but for me the data-privacy problem is a bigger one.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Knopfdruck shared this idea  · 
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    Knopfdruck commented  · 

    The latest AE Version is dumping huuuuge CRLOG-Files on the OS-Harddrive after crashing (which as everybody knows happens quite a lot).

    The Files can reach 20-35gb each. These files are meant for UPLOAD and this is unacceptable.This concerns workflow AND data-privacy. ADOBE just wanted to upload 120gb of my data to their servers from my workstation. This is NOT acceptable.

    WHAT ARE YOU UPLOADING THERE ? This is way more than just Crashlogs !!!

    And this is blocking my OS, my upload-feed and slows my system down.

    This is a perpetuum mobile of ****: AE crashes all the time, then generates files which make the system more instable,so it crashes more often and generates more files. Are you serious ?

    You need to fix that!

    Excuse my language. I am just annoyed.
    Your support couldn't help me or navigate me to a spot where to drop this concern -- so they dumped me here on "how to improve AE" -

    Thanks again... great Update.Great Service...

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