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    Hello everybody!

    (This post was co-authored by Tim Kurkoski (After Effects Product Owner), Andrew Cheyne (After Effects Engineering Manager), and Victoria Nece (After Effects Product Manager).)

    This thread has been sitting here for quite a while without a response. To start, we want to apologize for that. We haven’t been ignoring you or your feedback – this is just a particularly complex topic. That said, it’s time for us to check in with you, clarify a few things, and give you an idea of what we’re looking at for the future of After Effects, especially when it comes to performance.

    To start, we fully understand that you want After Effects to be as fast as it can be – utilizing your computer’s hardware resources to render as fast as possible. Over the last several years, we have been working on the performance of After Effects constantly. Sometimes those performance gains…

    BD commented  · 

    I agree with Martin! What's stopping you lazy morons from moving to other motion graphics/animation software? It's not like AE is used practically everywhere and you've invested loads of money and time into learning and buying plug-ins. In fact, what's stopping you developing your own software that could compete with a multi-million dollar company?

    BD commented  · 

    The one thing slower than After Effects : Adobe's response time.

    BD commented  · 

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Barry Dogbobbins and I'm the Chief Lead Developer of After Effects here at Adobe. I just wanted you all to know we're are listening to your suggestions and I, along with my unpaid intern Kevin, are working non-stop every Tuesday from 7 pm to 8.30 pm (except for the first and second Tuesday of every month when we're at Warhammer Club) to bring you the next installment of After Effects.

    Here's a sneak-peek at some of the exciting features to expect in the next build:

    A maximum comp size of 640x320
    16 colour pallette
    Silky smooth animations at either 8 or 12 fps
    We've disable plug-ins for now but our new streamlined effects panel containing the emboss and invert effects should be all you need anyway.
    Mono sound
    Full trackball support

    I hope that's whet your appetites! We'll take a look at 'multi-threaded support' once we have time. To be honest, I have no idea what a 'thread' is yet, sounds like it might be important though.


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