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    Annette Rays commented  · 

    From reading all the above feedback it would appear Adobe does not understand the importance and implications of what is happening with its clients.

    I am an ACI taking a class for a major broadcast client in Australia on Friday. I've just received their style guide referring to importing FOLDERS of .mogrt templates which have been set up in FOLDERS in the pre-April version - a simple process to set up, import and use.

    They have recently 'upgraded' (downgrade) to 12.1.1 which no longer allows for this feature. I now have the diabolical task of trying to help them find a solution.

    In three shows alone, they have hundreds of templates, grouped into over 20 folders for different programs and social media! Inside each program folder are specific templates but with names like 2x3 Letterbox. They HAVE to use folders to keep all the variations sorted into the correct program categories.

    This 'update' has been out for over two months and STILL not been addressed. Don't patronise us by sending us to another link that 'addresses this problem' so you can close this thread. PLEASE follow up with the 'other' department instead of making us run around in constant circles doing your job for you.

    BTway, adding tags and keywords does not work and is a ridiculous, time consuming 'solution' to fix a problem caused by Adobe's lack of vision.

    I'd also like to know who these 'users' were who suggested the interface felt outdated. As an ACI for 5 Adobe products, I certainly have NEVER been asked for my opinion on any new features or asked for feature requests. Along with my hundreds of students, I have certainly made many (and repeated) Feature Requests - only one of which has ever been implemented.

    James Stawn's instructions on how to export from AE and other suggestions for 'solutions' is ridiculous. Do you REALLY expect people to go through such convoluted work arounds for all their existing templates which are used across entire organisations. Do you have ANY idea how long this would take - to fix something that was working perfectly in the previous version.

    This whole mess smacks of a repeat of the Adobe evasion tactics to cloud the issue, as when the new Cache-ing system implemented in April 2017 ended in disastrous consequences for many clients.

    On the plus side, some of the new updates to Essential Graphics, eg. finally allowing multiple graphic layer selection and alignment (long overdue) work well - but not well enough to make up for the hours and hours of grief this one omission is causing.

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