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    I was going to post similar request as soon as I read what's new in Ae 15.1, where I read that Adobe started using UserVoice platform. I am glad that it appeared such fast.

    I have seen similar thread in adobe forum, that was started very long time ago and had a long long discussion. I was surprised that there were some strange people who say that Adobe on Linux is not needed. Especially there was a great troll, who said that Linux is for workless nerds and so on... I did not understand his position not because I can argue with him about usability of Linux distributions today, but the fact that he do not loose anything (if not win) because of the fact that such a wonderfull piece of software will be available for broader range of people.

    Most of times when I hear people wanting Adobe on Linux, they mean PhotoShop. But personally I care only about After Effects. I really miss it, and I need to keep switching between Windows and Linux every time when I want to do some animation.

    I think adding Linux support is very important. I love Linux, because of its rich possibilities: LVM, snapshots, window managers, system maintanance, customizations and so on... But I am frustrated about lacking some software for Linux, namely Adobe.

    I have thought about factors that could keep adobe away from Linux. Here are some of my thoughts.
    - Small userbase. Yes, it is smaller than Windows userbase of course. But actually, a HUGE number of potential Linux users are suppressed mainly because of lacking Adobe Applications. It is kind of chicken and egg problem. And only adobe could break it.
    - Case insensitive code. Currently even on macOS it is impossible to install Ae in a case-sensitive file system. I think it is not such hard task to correct all #include directives in .cpp files to use actual file names, but it becomes a problem because of big code base. And since Linux uses case sensitive file system, it could be a reason why it is still not there. Again, only Adobe itself could fix this.
    - Cinema 4D. This could be a problem, because Adobe include C4D Lite within Ae. And maybe it is a reason. But personally I just dont care of it. I do not use it.
    - Linux Repositories. Linux has rich software delivery system, but it may be not acceptable for Adobe, since it is proprietary. It should not be a problem, because in linux we have /opt directory and Adobe could just use it for their needs, including runtime for applications. See at Steam for example. It is also proprietary, but it runs on Linux with its own runtime. Valve officially supports only Ubuntu, but in fact it works in many distributions.

    To be realistic, because of I saw how many years most of Adobe products were unavailable for Linux, I do not think it will appear in a moment. But I hope that this ticket will get a lot of votes and maybe Adobe will at least "notice linux" and consider releasing for us or say why they cannot/do not want to do that.
    I think one of realistic scenario is that Adobe could try to make it Wine compatible and people will be happy. As far as I know, TeamViewer is working such way on linux and works just great.

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