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    Hello everyone,

    first of all: thanks to all the people who joined in the last two days to vote and comment on this particular item. Please stick around and tell us what else you’d like to see implemented or improved moving forward.

    If you were wondering why this post was offline for a couple of hours: it’s because of this quick surge in votes. It triggered a spam filter (and it took me a little while to figure out how to undo this without losing the comments).

    Since several people posted in the meantime about Adobe not being interested in your feedback, let me assure you that this is about as far from the reality as it gets. We truly appreciate your candid feedback.

    That said, a word of caution: while this item is now at the top due to a person with a good following on Twitter creating awareness,…

    A quick shout out to everyone who's been commenting in the last couple of days: it's a rare thing these days to see such a civilised and productive debate on a forum.

    The tone is a delight and speaks volumes about the community who's interested in seeing linux supported.

    Hi Mark,

    that's totally cool - and good to know that it would even make you switch from your existing product of choice. We don't hear that too often, hope to hear from others about their motivation / challenges / opportunities.

    Appreciate the comments around packaging. That certainly is a great step forward. However, my concern isn't about distribution, it's got to do with the development and testing process which needs to happen on all platforms that you'd like to support officially. If you read just the last 20 comments, it's easy to see why I'm concerned about this particular issue. Requests here include:

    - Ubuntu
    - Kubuntu
    - RedHat
    - Suse
    - CentOS
    - RHEL
    - SteamOS

    As I said, no definitive reason not to invest in this, but It'll take a while for me to come back to you with a status update.


    @Doug Rohm: I'm really not trying to downplaying this at all, just putting things in perspective. We've had many thousands of users on this platform for the last 6 months since its introduction, and within this framework, linux support was simply not a top request. Your statement that only with this request the platform has reached viability or is representative of the market in a way it wasn't before is something that's a little hard to see.

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    I suggest to talk to your account manager and get in touch with either your Adobe CSM or someone from the strategic development team who's working with you.

    Enterprise Licenses have terms that are agreed to by both sides. Unless your contract has been changed, there should be no change to deployment such as described above.

Please do not use your Adobe ID and password.

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