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    This is not a bug, it’s as designed. We specifically limit the visibility to one track at a time to avoid accidentally burning in multiple tracks. Also, when exporting to a format that only supports one captions stream like SRT or STL, we need to know which is the active track in order to export the correct track.

    But I understand why you might need two tracks visible at the same time.

    Multiple speakers:
    If we could automatically identify speakers and designate a style associated with them, would that help? For example speaker 1 is blue and on the left, speaker 2 is yellow and on the right?

    Multiple languages:
    Do you ever need to burn in both at the same time or is it just a matter of being able to see both to aid in translation and alignment?

    Thanks for the feedback, we really are listening :)

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    Multiple speakers option as suggested above could be interesting so long as it isn't limited to one side (ie. standard flexibility is available to position the text wherever we want) but this would be a nice feature and not as important as Multiple Languages.

    Multiple Languages is very important and helpful. Being able to see both at the same time while editing them (for alignment but especially translation as we are not translating word for word all the time, it is also translating the culture or expressions and their text amount does not always line up 1:1. Additionally, just the ease of being able to see the previous text to translate rather than having to continually replay and transcribe) as well as being able to burn in multiple languages. Especially for a YouTube video, being able to burn in multiple languages broadens viewership and is becoming more common - and requested - for language study purposes. Not everyone knows about the apps they have to download to view two at the same time.

    And of course we are requesting this because the subtitle function in Premiere is significantly more user friendly than having to create text boxes each time. Thanks a million Adobe Team! You're awesome!

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