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    We understand that retiring a part of the software can create issues for some users. We are doing our best to make this a slow and steady process and are adding needed features along the way. Most importantly, we have added the ability to convert Legacy Titles into Source Graphics. While not all characteristics will translate perfectly, this should give you really good results in most cases.
    We’re not just taking something away, we’re adding functionality to Essential Graphics constantly. Our team is working hard to make sure it meets your workflow needs. And if it doesn’t – we want to know about it.
    If you feel that there is a specific feature missing in Essential Graphics please create a single UserVoice post for it, e.g. for Inner and Outer Strokes. This way it is much easier for others to vote on something actionable.
    Please take a look at our …

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    Pan Os commented  · 

    Hi, I'm here from basically the very beginning of this thread.

    Though I still don't understand what the talk is about right now. It's been stated, explained and proven that and HOW the new Essential Graphics panel does not suffice and can't work as a replacement for many users.

    How is it that the Legacy Titler still will be removed? Working with actual title objects vs. title FX on random clips is so much more versatile! This switch would AT BEST destroy the current workflow of a lot of users and at worst make what they aim for impossible.

    One quick example:
    I use(d) a special text style where I had just text in one color and specific font, plus outline and TWO drop shadows. Which was possible to do with the Legacy Titler just like that. Everything in one element. And I could just press Ctrl+T, go to the presets (which are gone after CC2014 even in the """LEGACY""" titler?!), click on the right one and I'm done. If I want to use the same text on two different spots I'll just drag it 2 times from the bin. Another text? Just duplicate it.

    With the Essential Graphics panel it's theoretically possible to have a preset like that. You "just" create a transparent video, add the text effect, add the text, outline, two times the special drop shadow FX because having a shadow is a boolean choice in the text effects now(!), save it as Essential Graphics preset. But USING it is even worse. Because not only does it load like 10 times longer if I add it to by project from my presets, working with the same text on different spots of the video is impossible?

    E.g. if you want to write two times "Hello" and one time "guys". With the Legacy Titler you just add the same element two times from the bin and then duplicate another time (e.g. with alt+drag iirc). This way, if you misspell "Hello" to "helo" you can just edit ONE of them and both/all occurences will be updated. That's impossible with Essential Graphics to my knowledge. Every text element is by itself.

    P.S. last time I checked there are no stroke settings (e.g. outer, inner, middle stroke), ugh.
    P.S.S. at the very least, Adobe should offer a tool of some sorts to automatically convert any text layers created with the Legacy Titler to the new format for all those users you're currently actively pushing out of your expensive ecosystem.

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