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    Andrey Antonov commented  · 

    Since there is no progress on my problem yet, there is no progress on my problem. I made an archive of my project and uploaded it to Google drive for free download via the link for the file. Project for the Premier pro - (3.9 G). And I'll put the link below. The project is large and takes a long time to load, but it will load if you have a 32 GB Core i7 processor and a fast SSD drive. The problem is that if you edit the text of any segment, the program freezes after clicking on Run for 10 to 60 seconds.

    Link to download the project archive 3.9 Gb

    According to my support requests, applications were created: Your Adobe Case ADB-18602685-K5R5 CRM: 01097000007475; Start a Remote

    I was able to open the projects, many times, it took the same time in mac and windows as it took at your end. The problem here can be due to the fact that the legacy titles are in use are all lenghty and with the 200 plus size value for a roll option in it.
    Not all but some of them are affected.

    This is a project specific issue.
    I tried to create a similar project with some titles, I was able to handle it without the problem
    the issues are within the titles only

    I think its project specific
    I can log a bug on this project, but I dont think there will be a fix soon
    I can suggest to recreate some of the titles from legacy title or use the text tool


    Bhaskar, hi.
    I have great respect for the work you have done and for the recommendations you describe. Yes it is true that some of the headlines from the legacy titles are long enough. They have up to 10 thousand words. If you cut the legacy titles into smaller parts, the problem will be less noticeable. But in books, most often the chapters occupy this exact size of about 10 thousand words and it is very labor-intensive to cut into small pieces, although the processing speed due to this error will certainly be faster. But it seems to me that this is still a code optimization error. The code is not optimized to work with two or more legacy titles. Thank you for your work. If you can register an error, I will be grateful.

    Sincerely, Andrey Antonov.

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    Andrey Antonov commented  · 

    If no one offers anything, I can offer my own vision of what is wrong. But this can only be fixed by developers. It seems to me that when I edit one list, the program starts recalculating all the text scrolls. But nothing has changed in them, and this is the error. When one text is scrolled, the computer has enough power, and if there are four of them, then there is no power. But this can be easily corrected if you track the event whether there were changes in the text and if not, and do not do unnecessary actions for recalculation.

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