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    Viktor Nagy commented  · 

    Hi Dacia,

    I have a log file (RDY file). This time AE did not even show me an error message, i was just missing the part of the project which was not needed for the last mogrt export. That is very bad news, since if it shows the error, I can close and reopen the project before accidentally saving the broken project on top of the original. But now, since I did not get the error message, I went on using it until I noticed that most of the project was missing.
    Please tell me where can I send the log file.

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    Viktor Nagy commented  · 

    I have no missing files in the project.
    It mostly consists of illustrator AI files imported as compositions in separate layers.
    I also have a mov file which is around a 100 MB. (However when I first encountered this bug, there were no mov files in the composition)
    The whole project is on my local drive. It can not go offline.
    The interesting part is:
    The error can happen even after the export was successful.
    The scenario:
    I start the mogrt export. Since the composition has a mov, it takes quite some time to export. So I switch to another application, while AE does its magic.
    After I switch back, I am greeted with the error message.
    However, the mogrt was created in the target folder.
    Without dismissing the message, I dived into the folder structure it mentioned, and the folder with the uuid name was not there, so at least it was correct in that regard :).
    To me, it would seem that there is some kind of async worker that sometimes removes the files before AE has a chance to close the temporary project and open the original. AE detects that the files disappeared and reports the missing file errors, which prevents it from re-loading the original project. But that is only a guess based on the limited time I had to investigate it.
    Is there a way to send the screenshot and logfiles to you directly?

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    Viktor Nagy commented  · 

    The reduce project setting is not checked.
    The version is: 17.1.1 (Build 34)

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    Viktor Nagy commented  · 

    Thank you Dacia for your response!
    I sadly don't have a screenshot, but when the missing file error occures (bug 1), it is not refering to the original files as missing, but to collected files somewhere deep in a temp directory (Files under folders named as uuids, under AppData or something...).
    I have encountered this bug on several occasions in the last few days, so I'll make sure to make a screenshot next time it happens. If there are log files or anything else that may help you, please point me in the right directon for those.

    Viktor Nagy shared this idea  · 

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