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    Joseph Reed commented  · 

    Hey friend - not sure if this is helpful, but I found a workaround that kinda worked for my very basic needs. I'm doing podcast audio editing, and I need some basic things like compression, dehum, maybe some leveling on voices, etc. What I found out was, if you go into the "Essential Sound" panel, you can work with a few of Audition's tools that will help you achieve some of the most common adjustments like the ones I mentioned above.

    So, (1) try out the Essential Sound panel and play around with the settings to see if you can get the same effect with their simple(r) tools. The names in ES won't exactly match the Effects Rack names, but test it out, because...

    (2) AS YOU DO THIS, have your "Effects Rack" tab open, and as you toggle features on and off in the Essential Sounds tab, you'll see effects being applied on and off in the Effects Rack. Basically, Audition has re-skinned the long list of effects into a sleeker (more user friendly?) Essentials tab. For example, in the ES tab when you check "Enhance Speech" under Clarity, the effect Vocal Enhancer is applied in the ER tab. Different names, slightly re-worked way of applying them, but it gets you most of what you may need for basic stuff.

    (3) Once you've gotten your desired effects applied in the ES tab, save it as a preset in the ES tab, NOT in the Effects Rack. This threw me off. I saw the effects in the ER and wanted to save there, but if you do that you can't copy and paste later on. I named mine something like Podcast Basic so that way I can quickly apply when I import my audio and fine tune once I've got my first pass applied.

    (4) Once that's saved, you can select multiple clips (my recent edit had 100+ edit points) in a single or multiple tracks, go to the ES tab, and using the Preset drop down bar, select your saved preset.

    (5) Select the one you want, and it SHOULD (it did for me) apply this "Essential Sound" preset to ALL your clips. And, if you check the ER, all the same effects should be applied. However, if you need to further adjust anything, you can NEXT go into your ER and play with the features that ES just applied to your clip.

    Now you're hopefully off to the races. I know it's not a perfect fix, and it doesn't have even close to all the effects that you find in the Rack, but if you're doing basic things like I mentioned above (dehum, rumble reduction, noise reduction, adding reverb, basic EQ, etc) than this might be a good place to start. And, once you batch apply your preset to your clips, you can still go back and fine tune the ones that may need adjustments.

    I hope this helps. I've spent the last several hours trying to figure out Copy and Paste or something similar, and this is the closets I've come - and it happened by accident!

    Best of luck editing!

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