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    Matt Russell commented  · 

    Just as I posted that last comment I found the crash files. Haha
    To replicate the original crash I had all my work website open. As well as had running a video and a youtube video. Also I turned on a lot of effects on the layer I was working on to help use more memory quicker.

    I also have the system specs txt file I could send you if you need it. If I send it through attachment in the post will it be public? Or is there a way to send it privately? I dont want my whole system info to be accessible in case it has personal information.


    An error occurred while saving the comment
    Matt Russell commented  · 

    Thanks Paul!

    I enabled logging and reproduced the problem, but did find any "After Effects Log.txt", ".hang" or ".crash" files. The program didnt outright crash this time but it did stall out to unresponsive.

    I'm not a software engineer by any standard but I think I may have an idea of whats going on. I have task manager open watching the memory usage as I am trying to reproduce the event. It seems to me that AE regularly attempts to purge the memory as it approaches what I've told it's maximum Ram available is. Initally my thought was to give it More memory to allow it to have more space to fill up more. But it seems that also takes away RAM for other programs I have in the background. (which is obvious in hindsight). So instead I lowered the maximum RAM allowed and it seems to make the program move a bit better.

    It's not a 100% fix. I still get the "After effects out of memory 23 :: 40" pop up quite a bit. And often 5 to 10 times in a row.

    My guess is that since AE is approaching my system's maximum overall, that it overloads the system and creates a short? Which triggers my power supply to trip? (I say this because it resembles what happens when static electricity makes contact with my computer).

    If this at all sounds close, i'd be interested to hear if there may be a solution (either within AE or Windows 10 or even hardware).

    I will try to get the crash log files again. But it does seem like the "Out of memory 23 :: 40" is still a very annoying and tedious thing to deal with. If there is a solution to that problem as well, I'd be very happy to hear.

    (side note: I did update AE to the most recent version after the original post. I went from 17.0.2 to 17.1.1) So I'm not sure if this has helped a little bit.

    Thanks again!

    Matt Russell shared this idea  · 

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