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  1. Feature Request: ADR tools

    Implement ADR tools like Nuendo or the new version 15 of Resolve. Come on Adobe, you must become the industry standard in Audio post.

    13 votes
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    Under Review  ·  10 comments  ·  Workflow & Interoperability  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
  2. Fill left with right (and right with left) from Premiere

    The ability to directly open a premiere project in Audition to do the audio work is great, nice job Adobe. But, I often use 'fill left with right' or right with left as the mic is normally only into one channel or the other channel is unsuitable. It is a fast 'effect' added at track level in Premiere but it is shown as not supported when you open the project in Audition. Messes up the entire audio at the point where you want to finish the audio. This would be so helpful for video editors, please

    5 votes
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    1 comment  ·  Workflow & Interoperability  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    I wonder if the “Source Channel Routing” could be expanded to map this ‘effect’ easily. Right now, the SCRis limited to one unique channel assignment per clip channel, but it might be easy enough to modify.

    Ideally, Premiere should make it simpler to convert a stereo clip to mono and toggle the source channel. “Fill x with y” seems a bit of a kludge to me as the result, a multi-mono file, has the same output results with a lot more complexity.

    I’ll enter a feature request. Thanks.
    Edit: Request: 4199707

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