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  1. "Auto Keyframing" feature

    Allow users to keyframe more easily with some sort of dragging auto-keyframe. It would be much easier to make effects such as:

    Shaky camera effects
    Natural movements
    Precise position keyframes

    This is basically some feature that allows the user to drag the image however they want anywhere, but the moment the user drags the image the keyframing starts, and the image will move the exact same speed and the exact same position where the image was dragged in the playback.

    The feature doesn’t need to be called “auto keyframing”, just an idea for the feature’s name.

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  2. Snapping of Keyframes

    Sometimes keyframes appear to be in the same spot, but are off by either a single frame or between frames (such as in time remapping). It would be wonderful if there was an option to allow snapping of keyframes to keyframes in nearby layers or properties of the same layer. For instance, if I want all the layers to fade-out at the same time, I have to add key frames for opacity. If I then move any of the layers, I have to go in to the layer, zoom in the most amount possible, and then drag and align them…

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    Thank you for submitting this feature request.

    What you describe, snapping keyframes to other keyframes, markers, and other objects in the Timeline panel, is already possible. Hold the Shift key while dragging the keyframe. It will snap to other visible keyframes, layer and composition markers, layer in and out points, the work area in and out points, and the current-time indicator.

    All of the objects described above will snap to each other when you hold the Shift key down while dragging. Example, holding the Shift key while dragging the current-time indicator will snap it to markers, visible keyframes, etc.

    I will close this request as Resolved. If I’ve misunderstood your request, or you feel the existing functionality doesn’t match what you described, please post back with clarification of how you would like this feature to work.

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