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  1. Master-Propertys don´t take their user-names since Update.

    I.E. the Master-Property is now named "Checkbox" and not "my Propertys Name".

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    In Progress  ·  1 comment  ·  User experience/interface  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
  2. Optimize Shapes and vector layers

    Currently the biggest bottleneck or noticeable speed degredation for me after getting a CPU with more cores and a lower clockspeed has been shape layers and vectors. If I have a comp with lets say 100 small shape circles, the FPS in After Effects drops to such a low level it is hard to even work. Since things are being optimized in After Effects and tasks are being moved to the GPU, this is one area of the program I would really like to be improved. Shapes and vector layers are very commonly used, so it shouldn't be such a…

    10 votes
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