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  1. Create a beta testing community so the rest of us don't have to drown in bugs

    I'm bored of this software being absolutely riddled with bugs now.
    Why don't you start testing features before releasing them?
    You do? Test them more.
    Or create a community of beta testers who are expecting bug-ridden software, and don't charge them the monthly subscription you're charging me.

    1. Greyed out search filter

    2. Unclickable clips in Audio panner view

    3. Persistent filter

    4. Vignette keyframe bug

    5. Broken waveforms in source pane / timeline

    6. Crash moving 'brush position' in 'Write-on' effect

    76 votes
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    I’m gonna close this thread as this is in many ways non-actionable feedback.

    For one thing, there’s a beta testing community, and it is large and active. Which addresses the subject line.

    As for the bugs listed in the comments: it’s ideal to pick one topic and add detail to it (or vote on something that’s already described like is the case for all the bugs listed here).

    On a general note: I appreciate the sentiment, and there’s already a plan in motion to shift towards more investment in stability and performance.

    Bugs addressed with 12.1. and 12.1.1 are listed here:

    A 12.1.2 release is in the works and will address a large number of concerns raised here on user voice and on the forums.

    As always, thanks for the candid feedback. Keep it coming.


  2. 2 votes
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  3. Several Features.

    • Show in Source Monitor duplicate frames of a clip in timeline

    • Warp Stabilizer and Speed to work in the same clip

    • Save and auto-save in background without stoping with the editing.

    • Solo video tracks

    • Analize Warp Stabilizer when Rendering if needed or show a warning of the need to analize.

    • Add a couple of recent used transition by right clicking in the edge of a clip. Also a search box for transitions in the same contextual menu.

    • FX/Transition Timeline Search Box by pressing a key (Like Ctrl+Spacebar) of by default the shortcut Shift…

    57 votes
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    While this is a long list full of good ideas, I’ll have to close this request for the reasons already mentioned by Reg: a list isn’t actionable for us, it doesn’t help us to create priorities based on what most people want the most.

    As the creator of this list seems to be no longer on the platform, it’s likely that individual requests won’t be entered unless YOU, the other 74 people who voted for the list, create individual items that you care about the most.

    if you feel like all of them are equally important you’re kind of setting yourself up for becoming a beta tester moving forward. I’d be happy to discuss this opportunity with you – send me a private message if that’s the case.

    Thank you

  4. Rent to Own?

    I have been using Premiere since Version 2.0 and I have to say it has become a bit stagnant compared to some of its competition...For instance ..DaVinci resolve (which is free)...has been colour matching shots for a while....Offers exceptional node grading ...Face tracking with zit cleaning etc.... Look at DaVinci and you will see why many are jumping ship

    I would like to see a return to an owned version along side rental.. While rental works for many of your customers, it does not work for all and has made many move away.

    Why dont you offer a rent…

    2 votes
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