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  1. Proxy not working in Productions

    [BUG] While working with Productions, proxies only work if footage files are in the same project that your sequence is.

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  2. Is there any kind of significant overhaul planned for the next version of Premiere? Because it needs one

    I've been posting about some significant bugs and wishlist items (most needed one IMO is an overhauled Warp Stabilizer, but another one is more stable handling of render files) in the past week. I just finished expressing my sentiments to a fellow frustrated user about how Adobe's Creative Cloud suite COULD be the best in the industry, if only they would figure out these problems and start advancing things more, better and faster. The potential is there, but I feel like it's not being pushed forward as much as it could and should be.

    So can anybody from Adobe please…

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    Hi Andrew,

    your comments are as thoughtful as they are timely.
    While I usually would have to close this item as it isn’t specific enough, I’m gonna leave it open so others can see this and add comments:

    Please come back and vote for exactly the items that you feel need a V2, some polish, or just remove friction in areas that have grown over time. Add a new request if what you’d like to see revised isn’t discussed yet.

    We’re already seeing good patterns on User Voice as to which items and areas would be good candidates for upcoming releases. You can see some of the top runners already marked as “Under Review”. And while that won’t tell you with which release exactly we’ll have things ready for you, it’s an indicator of an investment we’re making to improve features and workflows where most users express their needs.


  3. Better project management

    We often need to collect the project for transfering or archiving purposes. When collecting - all assets will be collected in one folder which is a bit would be great if files can be collected in 2 ways:
    - following the Premiere project bin structure
    - following the folder structure on hard drive
    That would help us a lot in keeping the collected projects organized.

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