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  1. Dynamic link live text broken in 14.0.1

    The update to PPro 14.0.1 has broken the ability to edit live text in dynamically linked AE clips within Premiere. Video of the bug attached.

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    Hi Y’all!

    I’ve been sitting on the news of this fix with bated breath for what feels like an eternity. We’ve gone live with the latest release of Premiere Pro version 14.0.2 and Live Text Template workflows are back in action!

    Apologies for the disruption in your workflows and thanks so much for your patience!

  2. Issues with Responsive templates from After Effects in Premiere

    I put together a new workflow for some videos that needed quick editing, creating time responsive templates in After Effects and then importing them into Premiere. That allowed me to create the animations needed, and then just make text and colour changes in Premiere. It was a good workflow especially since we had several people working on this project and I needed to insure animation consistency.

    Once in Premiere, the templates were working as intended, where we could "stretch" them to fit the timings we needed. So if a template was originally 30 seconds long, but we needed it to…

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    Hi All!

    I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce that the Premiere Pro v. 14.0.1 that was released last night has new functionality to help resolve issues that happen when the retiming of a Responsive Time Mogrt gets out of whack.

    We’ve added a new function called “Reset Duration” in the Graphics top bar menu, which will use the length of the track item in the timeline as the single source of truth for how long the Mogrt should be retimed to. So if anything ends too early all you have to do is select the Mogrt in the timeline, use the Reset Duration command in the top bar Graphics menu, and voila!

    This will also work with multiple selections at a time.
    No more manual re-trimming or redundant work.

    The primary source of the issue stems from relinking to the Mogrt’s aegraphic file in the Motion Graphics Template…

  3. Data linking in MOGRTs for Premiere Pro broken

    data driven workflows no longer work in Premiere Pro since 13.1.x releases.

    MOGRTs exported from After Effects containing tsv data no longer pass data values when being read by Premiere Pro.

    Premiere can see the data layer and see the values in the data layer when browsing the data. but none of the values are used by the MOGRT in the timeline. All examples of data in MOGRTs from AE 16.1.x are no longer working in PP.

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