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Premiere Pro 13 Crashing and Corrupting Projects

I work across multiple iMac Pros, iMacs and MacBooks varying from the base models to the fully-maxed builds. Versions 13.0.2 and 13.0.3 have been the least reliable applications I've ever worked with in my 13+ years in post-production. Issues include things like the UI shifting when switching between projects (the Project window jumps around and won't reset when resetting to saved workspace); random crashes while trimming, importing media, exporting sequences, adding effects; and even timelines being screwed up by timecodes relinking incorrectly inside a Timeline. For that last issue, we've had several projects that were edited on one computer, then when they were brought over to a different system (same versions of PrPro and OS X), the Timeline is filled with zebra-striped clips where Premiere is referencing the right file, but the wrong timecode. We shoot mostly on C300 MKII cameras (using the .mxf files from the cards). We have experienced this issue a few times, and the only way to fix it is quickly close out without saving, then bring our external drive back to the system a project was originally created on (or recover from an auto-save, if it's too late). This is the most damaging issue, but the least frequent. 2-10 times a week I will be doing simple things like ripple-trims, match frame, extend selected edit to playhead, nudging, or even just opening a file in the source monitor, Premiere will freeze, sometimes accompanied by a few audio pops, then my $8k iMac Pro shuts off completely as if the power had been unplugged. One other issue I often run into is trying to open a project that worked fine the previous day or previous week, and premiere freezes on the Opening Project screen status bar. The only way to get back into these projects is to create a blank project and import the corrupt project through drag-and-drop or Media Browser, then it works fine (at least for a while). I don't have any weird scripting or macros setup with my main iMac Pro system, the only things plugged in are external hard drives, a BenQ monitor, and sometimes a Tangent Ripple color control panel. I've cleaned off some of the computers completely and tried uninstalling/reinstalling PrPro to no avail. I'm a long time Premiere user, but have been quite frustrated with these major impacts on productivity in Version 13.

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  • Rudi Lotter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A few months later, I'm experiencing the same thing, my system turns off on very particular C300 clips. I have just come off a 6 month feature not one hassle. Alexa/Sony/dji, system was solid.

    Now working with C300s and everyday's footage comes with at least one problem clip. The problem is also across various programs, davinci, silverstack and sometimes finder.

    I have done clean installs on my machines, changed up OS versions ... the only consistent thing it is C300 MKII footage, crash always on the same clip.


  • Justin Roelant commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Following - since updating (perhaps before but I think since the latest update) Premiere has caused my iMac to crash as well as there is a huge increase in corrupted video files. And its corrupting during the edit, so I can place a clip that is totally fine and come back to that spot on the timeline 20 mins later and all of a sudden its got a glitchy frame. SUPER frustrating and some of my exports have had glitches as well. I don't fully know how this works, but it almost seems as if Premiere is corrupting the source that even possible?

  • Zack Bender commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Here's some more data from new projects today.

    Project created on iMac in one of the last versions of CC 2018 (not sure the exact patch number). Tried opening on my iMacPro which I left on Pr 13.0.1 yesterday, thinking that was the safest. Quit Pr without saving, downloaded 13.0.3, then re-opened the project. Everything worked and was lined up properly.

    I tested this on two other computers and they didn't have issues updating the 2018 project to 13.0.1 or 13.0.3. This inconsistency is really confusing. And I know it's not just my main iMac Pro, because all the systems I tested, plus at least one of our MacBook Pros had previously experienced these issues with projects created elsewhere.

    The only files that are affected in the timeline are avci .mxf files from the C300 MKII. 1DX MKII .movs, renders from After Effects (animation .movs), and other assets are unaffected by the timecode issue. And there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to how they're shifted—not all of them have these zebra stripes. If a clip is long enough, it will just reference the wrong point in the clip. I had a long interview that I discovered was shifted to 46;14 before the point it was supposed to be, but then this interval was inconsistent throughout the project (other clips were shifted by several minutes, though I didn't search long enough to figure out the exact time difference).

    My brain is starting to melt from all these tests. I'd love if someone smarter than me could weigh in.

  • Zack Bender commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Okay, I came across another project with the misaligned clips. One of my editors made this project on 10/30/2018 on an iMac Pro, so I assume this was created in 13.0, since he has auto-update on. This project was modified multiple times between the end of October and early December (so it probably went through at least one version update).

    I tried to open this project on my iMac Pro with Premiere 13.0.3 and the footage was super wack, as if the timeline is referencing timecode that doesn't exist, creating the zebra-stripe issue. I switched computers and it opened just fine in the same version of Premiere on the computer it was originally created on, and it worked flawlessly. I switched back to my system and re-installed version 13.0 of Premiere, opened the project and it was great. I updated to 13.0.1 and it worked fine. Then I updated to 13.0.2 and that's when the issue showed up again—all the C300 shots were way off in the timeline. Just to confirm, I re-downloaded 13.0.3 on my system and the project was still messed up. Out of curiosity, I ran this over to a 2015 iMac and tested it in 13.0.2, which produced the same zebra-stripe issue.

    In conclusion these projects seem to work when updated on the same system, but in versions 13.0.2 and 13.0.3, timelines can be majorly screwed up by upgrading on a different computer (at least in OS X Mojave).

  • Zack Bender commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you for responding, Brian. I am on OS X 10.14.3. These issues have been happening across the last couple updates of both the Adobe and OS versions. We work off of external drives (mostly 8 TB Western Digital and Seagate USB 3.0/SS); these drives hold all information from the media to the .prproj files.

    We have a team of editors, and we try to keep projects isolated to one machine/one editor, but by necessity one editor will do changes to a project edited by someone else. So, one of the zebra-stripe instances was when a project was updated from 13.0.1 to 13.0.2, in order to revise a short video (originally edited on the same iMac Pro). Luckily that's one I experienced myself, so I quit the app, re-installed the previous version of Premiere, and was able to work just fine. Another instance was an editor switching from a 2015 iMac to a MacBook Pro. He was adding some basic text to a video and didn't pay attention to the timeline and saved the existing project and even exported it with the zebra-striped clips. The result was that each clip would play as a freeze first frame of the clip. I'm not 100% certain on the versioning, but after talking to the editor, I believe it was pretty much the same thing (upgrading a project). I know it's a best-practice to stay within the same version for a project, but we work on ~20 projects every week, and sometimes wait for months before getting all feedback from clients.

    Not sure which preferences you're referring to, so here's everything I can think of. We have different keyboard shortcuts, workspace layouts, default transitions, etc. I'm the only editor who uses Mercury Transmit, and that's only once every few months, then I turn it off. None of us modify the Debug console. We all have the same plugins (Red Giant Colorista, Looks, Universe). I believe the only plugin used on the problem projects was Red Giant Looks.

    The more annoying day-to-day issues are the crashes and file corruptions. The misaligned media is a nasty issue, but much less common and I don't have much data besides these two instances (I'm trying to get our other editors to keep track of project versions now). I'd love to hear if anyone else is experiencing these issues.

  • Brian Williams commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Zack, what version of the OS are you using on the two machines? The iMac Pro powering off the way you describe would indicate a significant kernel failure.

    It would be good to understand which failures you are seeing on just about every machine and which are specific to a certain machine.

    It's also good to understand your multi-machine workflow. Are you using a single hard drive to carry your projects and footage back and forth between the machines, all assets contained on that one drive? Or are there cases where some assets might be on a SAN or duplicated on the local machine?

    Do you use the same preferences between your multiple machines?

    I'd also really like to hear if others are seeing similar things, especially the zebra stripes when bringing an existing project and media over to a new system.

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