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Yes, please support Linux. This would be a huge milestone. Thanks...


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Hello everyone,

first of all: thanks to all the people who joined in the last two days to vote and comment on this particular item. Please stick around and tell us what else you’d like to see implemented or improved moving forward.

If you were wondering why this post was offline for a couple of hours: it’s because of this quick surge in votes. It triggered a spam filter (and it took me a little while to figure out how to undo this without losing the comments).

Since several people posted in the meantime about Adobe not being interested in your feedback, let me assure you that this is about as far from the reality as it gets. We truly appreciate your candid feedback.

That said, a word of caution: while this item is now at the top due to a person with a good following on Twitter creating awareness, it doesn’t mean it immediately becomes our top priority. It’s been voted for since April, and never made it to the top 100 before this dramatic surge on Dec 11th.

And yet another word of caution in an attempt to set expectations correctly: while we’re gonna use this request as another trigger to redo market analysis for the need to port to linux, it’s been true for many years that the vast majority of our user base wouldn’t consider it as an alternative to currently supported platforms. Unless that has changed significantly, keeping the balance between dealing with other request versus adding another platform might not make it viable to add support for linux.

As I’ve worked for a company doing Win, MacOS and Linux prior to joining Adobe, I’ll add a bit of color to this request: doing Linux isn’t really about adding one OS, it’s at least several, if not many. Putting software that’s demanding on CPU, GPU and then some onto a linux system means developing and testing against several of the major flavours if you expect great results.
It’s also true that our large partner eco-system is mostly not on Linux today, so you’d be losing a ton of functionality outside the core application for years to come.

In a nutshell: this isn’t a simple thing to do – but we’re gonna take another hard look as to what’s the demand as I already mentioned above.

Stay tuned – and thanks again for coming to this forum to voice your ideas.

Prinicpal Product Manager, Editing


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  • Guilherme de Moraes Alvarez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just pick one or two distros. People will go there. The rest will fall into place. Arch based distros will support themselves, for example. I'm ready to install Linux to a bunch of people's PCs the day after an adobe suite release.

  • Simon Møbjerg Nielsen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am just waiting for this to ditch windows on my editing rig, I only do graphics/edit on 1 of my machines and all the stuff I can run on Linux I run there, and need to restart it to go into Adobe and either render a video og make some serious graphics my gaming rig isn't suited for. I have a huge student base where I teach about Linux and graphics design, and use a lot of video editing and graphics in my classes. But we work mainly on Windows and MacOS because of Adobe CC not supporting Linux.

  • CMB commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just choose a distribution. I'll migrate to whatever you people choose.

  • Peter Gonnsen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The only thing holding me from moving to Linux is Adobe suite.. Gimp and krita are good but not the same..

  • Greg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I can't tell you how often I've seen (outside of this forum) the comment that the only thing keeping someone from Linux was Creative Suite.

    This previous week has become a turning point for my view on all of this. Apple revealed the long awaited Mac Pro. It's a powerhouse to be sure but, at its base price point, it will be skipped not only by consumers and prosumers, but, I feel (and am very curious to see if I'm wrong) by many professionals as well. While it will be a godsend to some, I feel that for many, professionals included, the hole that Apple has left of us in, regarding their product line up, remains. Apple, also appears to have abandoned Nvidia (while that may not be entirely all on Apple, it's worrisome for the future and is further evidence that Apple will remain a closed, inflexible ecosystem). That leaves us to turn to the least secure, least stable (generalization, I know, but in many cases true), and least **** of the big three operating systems. As for my business, I've spent the last week deciding if I can eventually leave Adobe behind so that I can make the move to Linux. I don't want to leave Adobe behind but, for my long term needs, I think it makes sense and, finally, we are starting to see alternatives to Premiere on Linux - alternatives that work. The standout here has been Blackmagic (I’ve been calling them the little disrupter that could) Davinci Resolve is truly coming into its own and has convinced me to finally make the switch.
    I offer this constructively. While I have not metrics (and understand that Adobe does), I have "felt" something in the air from others I work with and talk to that there is currently a genuine hole, a neglected market space (primarily in the prosumer /small business market) that is asking for reasonable power that makes economic sense for our space (that said, I've seen some frustration here in the bigger post houses I've worked for as well). We are also asking for flexibility. Blackmagic, in other areas, has recognized and capitalized on this (I am not a Blackmagic fan boy, I've just been impressed by - and grateful - for their recognition of that). I left Final Cut (which I loved) years ago to move to Premiere (which I grew to love even more) because I felt Apple’s vision for Final Cut was in a very different direction from where I wanted to go. At the time, it felt like I was ahead of the curve, I jumped when some people were still (very undeservingly) calling Premiere a “toy” and years before the Industry at large made the jump. To be honest, I feel something similar now. Apple is no longer serving my demographic, and Windows has not lured me as a suitable alternative. The only thing holding me back is Adobe. I’m tired of being held back and, (knowing that I can only “feel” the numbers) I don’t think I’m alone. Please Adobe, if you haven’t already, look beyond the number of people who have taken the time to send a feature request, and look beyond the number of people who have adopted Linux in the present, because, word on the street is (whether you know it or not) you play an enormous role in those metrics.

  • Andrew Fosdike commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Its been 6 months since Patrick's comment. Could we have an update on what is happening with this issue?

  • Henrique Aguiar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Don't just consider how many people use Linux, but how many could. Right now, alongside with Office, Adobe is one of the biggest things stopping users from switching, right now. If you guys support it for your suite, not only will it enable many people to make a switch, but it'll show many other projects that 'hey, this Linux thing is picking up speed. Maybe we should also support it,' which in turn means more projects for Linux, which in turn leads to more users on Linux.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    there are many people they use windows because of Adobe product although they dont like widows please support LINUX LINUX LINUX

  • offset442 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey, Adobe on Linux before someone decides to make a better product and offer it for Linux before you do.....

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