How can we improve Premiere Pro?

Is there any kind of significant overhaul planned for the next version of Premiere? Because it needs one

I've been posting about some significant bugs and wishlist items (most needed one IMO is an overhauled Warp Stabilizer, but another one is more stable handling of render files) in the past week. I just finished expressing my sentiments to a fellow frustrated user about how Adobe's Creative Cloud suite COULD be the best in the industry, if only they would figure out these problems and start advancing things more, better and faster. The potential is there, but I feel like it's not being pushed forward as much as it could and should be.

So can anybody from Adobe please tell me... What's the plan? Is there any significant overhaul coming that will seek to actually polish Premiere up to the level it really ought to be at in 2018? What's being introduced in the next version? What's being fixed? Will we ever get a "Warp Stabilizer 2" or 3 or 4, etc?

Generally speaking, Premiere 2017 and 2018 have been very marginal upgrades. But I feel like Premiere needs its "Final Cut X" style leap forward. Maybe not so much in terms of layout/visual design, because that's aspect is fine. But just in terms of functionality, features, smoothness, etc... Premiere feels like it's really lagging on development in these areas lately. Another marginal upgrade for 2019 isn't going to cut it.

So what's going on? Please let us know.

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Andrew shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Hi Andrew,

your comments are as thoughtful as they are timely.
While I usually would have to close this item as it isn’t specific enough, I’m gonna leave it open so others can see this and add comments:

Please come back and vote for exactly the items that you feel need a V2, some polish, or just remove friction in areas that have grown over time. Add a new request if what you’d like to see revised isn’t discussed yet.

We’re already seeing good patterns on User Voice as to which items and areas would be good candidates for upcoming releases. You can see some of the top runners already marked as “Under Review”. And while that won’t tell you with which release exactly we’ll have things ready for you, it’s an indicator of an investment we’re making to improve features and workflows where most users express their needs.



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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Features needed:

    - Better caption support where we can export as an excel or file

    - Custom bin views that are easier to control and save from a drop-down menu.
    - Ability to mark descriptions on bins

    - A custom image bin view like Avid would be great! Where we can organize scenes stills

    - ******* Shared Project Workflow in a shared storage network referencing a project file or shared project or something new premiere can add natively. Like the essential graphics window does with titles now. with imported media instead of reimporting footage and assets in every project to avoid duplicates.

    - Background Auto Save

    - Option to turn off open multiple projects because of more control

  • Tyler Hanson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It seems like such a silly and vague request, but Premiere just needs to work. Stability across the absolute magnitude of systems/operating systems is no easy task, but I feel like feature requests and upgrades need to be so far on the back-burner when such a large population of Premiere users have issues with usability. This might be a crazy parallel, but I feel like that's what the Windows 9 and 10 (and even iOS 12) recently have been doing - trying desperately to just make the whole experience trouble-free - AND ONLY THEN looking at upgrades on top of said stability.

    One note that specifically bothers me: The new Titler is sloppy and buggy and slow while the "Legacy" is still heads and shoulders above its successor in both ease of use and customization options. I'm okay with a "in-edit" titler a la iMovie/Final Cut, but it better be good.

  • Peter C commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with the OP, but I feel the main issues that cause me to get annoyed at Premiere are stability and playback performance. I have a high end system with multiple SSDs and once I begin to add effects I get poor playback performance. I am mostly working with 720p or 1080p footage so not even at 4k. Background rendering would be a big improvement here I expect.
    Stability has historically been the main request from the users here so Adobe have to know about this and NEED to address it.

  • NJones commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree with all comments so far that focus for Adobe PP Engineering team needs to be on fixing things that don't work - eg: not being able to make a BluRay H264 disc from a PP2018 project. AME related bug - as PP 2018 calls AME 2018, ... so users are stuck. Paying a monthly Creative Suite subscription where PP existing features no longer work is not acceptable. Get bugs ironed out, otherwise having a glossy Marketing feature tick against other SW vendors list won't help you sell PP software anymore. Your customers will have gone elsewhere because of unreliable products !..
    R&D teams might like to develop new cool features - but in the real world making sure youyr software is stable, reliable and can reduce cutomer frustration is priority.
    I know as I have been R&D Manager in a large Telecomms orgnaisation for Hardware and Software. If we screwed up a release that caused one feature to stop working - we had to put this on a top priority programme and release a patch if necessary. It would be refreshing to see this from Adobe, then we would be encouraged to stick with you.
    I also like the comment below about User Voice being a good start - however, Adobe is not talking to its end customers properly. Its one way traffic guys..........

  • Michael Gyori commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While I agree with the sentiment of the OP in some ways, I'd prefer Adobe focus on stability and efficiency rather than adding new features. It doesn't need a Final Cut X upgrade, rather significant polish and bug eradication. It really feels like Premiere is getting clunkier and clunkier.... just witness it start up and shutdown. Super computers are struggling to process all the code Premiere is throwing at it. Try editing a timeline that it longer than 30 minutes.

  • Andrew commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just wanted to respond to Warren Heaton: "I did not vote for this topic because the very last thing that Premiere Pro needs is "its 'Final Cut X' style leap forward". If anything, Premiere Pro should strive to be what Final Cut Pro 8 would have been."

    To clarify, as I said in the original post, it shouldn't necessarily be in terms of visual design or layout. That aspect of Premiere is fine (although I imagine there are some improvements that can be made, it shouldn't be the priority). Final Cut X changing everything completely the way it did from FCP7 was actually one of the reasons I balked on FCPX and switched to Premiere. Too much change too fast is offputting to those who are familiar with the program and value that familiarity.

    But what FCPX did bring that was valuable was a massive upgrade in terms of features, usability and preparedness for the future. There was a greatly improved stabilizer. Everything was more-or-less improved over FCP7 in terms of smoothness, speed, etc. It introduced background rendering. It introduced new format compatibility that hadn't been there before. It introduced a multi-format timeline that hadn't been possible in FCP7... so many things that hadn't been there just one version earlier were suddenly there!
    On that front, it gave FCP so much that it had been needing in one fell swoop, and THAT'S essentially what I'm asking for here.

    EVERYTHING that Premiere needs in order to be where it ought to be in 2018 should come asap, in one upgraded version that delivers a massive amount of improvement. New stabilizer, background rendering, noticeably improved speed and smoothness, and hopefully a bunch of goodies that I can't even think of because it's Adobe's job to think of them, not mine.

    So I'm not saying that Premiere should change everything and revamp the entire layout and look and feel of the program. I'm actually with you in feeling that they SHOULDN'T do that. But the technical aspects of the program need to be streamlined and improved to such a major degree, that functionality-wise, it should be like an FCPX leap forward. That's what I meant.

  • Colin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I disagree about features. Features aren't the problem. In fact, I feel like you guys add too many features without addressing bugs and stability

  • Matt Badger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another one:
    I can import sequences now from project to project without duplicates. But if I copy/paste clips, from one timeline to another in different projects, even if the projects share media, I get duplicates.

    Adobe "fixed" the duplicate media problem with sequences but didn't think the problem all they way to the end and fix this problem.

    So I can open multiple projects (nice new feature) and I can "share" projects using locking (an ok, but half baked feature because I still have to essentially import every project, sequence, piece of media to another project, including the master) and I can copy/paste right from one sequence to another (a great common sense feature that makes things easy). However when I combine all those features, I get duplicates which is an obviously undesirable behavior.

    So we have new features are being built on top of bad behaviors that negate the usability of those new features.

    Don't let me do something and call it a bug when Premiere does it badly.

    In this case, please rethink how Premiere handles media in a multi-user environment, how it handles multiple projects being open, how multiple users can interact within the same project and come up with a unified solution that works smoothly.

  • Matt Badger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love this comment. I really think it's time for Final Cut X -like jump ahead.

    Don't do the things we hated like getting rid of tracks or radically change the editing tools pros are used to.

    But please rethink for yourself or work closely with focus groups of professionals to redesign workflows for how they're actually used or better ways to use them. We can't go through every single tool, window panel and menu item and tell you exactly what to do.

    I can say that the goal of every workflow, panel and tool should be to "just work" in smooth and surprising ways.

    There are three examples of things you need to rethink:

    Old ways of doing things that could be updated like syncing.
    I've posted about this elsewhere, but syncing picture and dual system sound, a major post workflow, needs to be rethought. There are too many old methods that operate differently with different menus (merge clips, Multicam, group clips, link clips) to pick from and none of which are reliable. All of which require too much noodling to get right. There are vestiges of old tools competing with new ones. Rethink how things should work now in 2018 through 2025.

    The second one is features you've introduced that are half-baked either functionally or technically.
    Someone mentioned mousing over a clip and having it playback, but not very well. I'm on a high end system with fast storage and proxied clips and I experience the same issue. Why isn't your clip thumbnail scrubbing and playback the best? Why is it just ok? Why introduce a cool feature and that isn't cool because it's not satisfying to use?

    Or what about Speech Analysis? You gave it to us, took it away because it was broken, left it's shell in the Metadata pane where plugins can write speech data too it. So that makes it usable but only barely because it hasn't been upgraded in years. So it doesn't keep pace with the user. Don't take Speech Analysis away, finish it properly so Doc editors can look for interview key words better than we can now. Finish what you started!

    Here's third type of example: the kinds of innovations/improvements we can't even tell you we want, but just make sense. Here's an example I just thought of: We've had List View and Icon View for a while, but what about a hybrid of the two. I want to be able to have a list of bins, but when I twirl one down, it shows me all my scrubbable thumbnail icons. Now I could go through the trouble of opening each bin, changing them all to icon view, and clicking around for their tabs, but that's a lot of time and it's time that will go to waste. Why? Because Premiere is so bad at remembering which bins are open and where once I close and reopen a project!

    That's such a basic but thoughtful UI improvement that wouldn't have made sense several years ago, before scrubbing thumbnails, but now makes perfect sense! How are going to write those all out for you?

    You've got to look at the pieces you've got and decide how they can work correctly and work *together* and then deliver a program where every workflow, tool, and panel does what it's supposed to do, does it well, and does it with the ease of *professional* modern editing in mind.

  • Timothy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Indeed! I think it has a great feature set now...the only thing that is missing is top notch performance and stability. It feels like it operates slower now than it used to (and I'm using a faster system now, so it's not the age of my workstation).
    While Final Cut X is not my ideal NLE, the speed it operates is pretty wonderful. I realize there are multiple factors involved here, but I would trade in all the flashy new features in the world for a more solid and responsive Premiere.

  • Randy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Stop adding new, flashy features. Don't spend time on the aesthetics. Just fix the bugs. Multi-cam clip editing is not smooth. Merged clip functionality is limited. Markers don't work. Effects don't apply properly. I get a spinning ball every time I switch tools (how is that bug allowed to exist for more than a week.) Managing RAW media is an issue.

    Fix basic functionality. Fix it.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While I appreciate Patrick leaving this thread open, it's unfortunate that the overall consensus is radio-silence from Adobe. The UserVoice is a good start, but when this suite is used for production, it shouldn't be a black box of secrecy. TALK TO YOUR COMMUNITY about what's being worked on. Address the issues that keep coming up, rather than remain silent. Make it easy to find what fixes have been made with each update (it's a nightmare trying to figure out what's new).

    Overall, Adobe needs to stop acting like they have a monopoly and change how they engage their subscribers.

    You're becoming the "Comcast" of production software. You may offer a good service, or neat features, but if you don't treat your customers right, they'll bail as soon as a viable competitive product becomes available.

  • Warren Heaton commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree that as users we're always looking to see improvement in the software that we use to make a living.

    I did not vote for this topic because the very last thing that Premiere Pro needs is "its 'Final Cut X' style leap forward". If anything, Premiere Pro should strive to be what Final Cut Pro 8 would have been.

  • Kevin Monahan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi all, please file specific requests and bugs in separate user voice entries. Not here. The team would appreciate that so that they can collate the requests more easily.

  • Ari commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My request would be: rather than adding features to take a step back and simply address all the issues that have been plaguing the software for years. I avoid the Warp Stabiliser because it adds an insane amount of data to the project file and makes everything sluggish. Captions have a mountain of issues, audio tracks behave strangely and then there are the performance issues. So yeah, fix the issues first and then proceed with new features.

  • Greg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I second the performance bottlenecks on Macs... specifically the iMac Pro in which Premiere does not effectively utilize the multi-core processors and the graphics cards during playback. Lag is a huge issue when not using proxies even for 1080p footage.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    PS (regarding my comment below from August 12, 2018 13:31): Reading my comment again I have to apoloize for all the mistakes. It sounds a little dumb since I left out words and what not. As my apology I can only say that I'm nativley German speaking and had little time to write this text. I hope you take my points seriously anyway. Thanks!

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Working with Premiere on a near daily basis here are some things that I really wish to be improved (The system I refer to: Ryzan 7 1800x, Geforce 1070, 32GB Ram, Several SSDs and HDDs):

    - Make Premiere rock solid over all (more specifics down below)!

    - Audio Track Mixer: be able to save Adjustments for effects which are created in the Audio Track Mixer / a redesign of the Audio Track Mixer (more accessible buttons to key features, up-to-date and straight forward drop down menu for effects)

    - Audiotrack Stability: now Premiere often struggles and even crashes when it must handle audio clips with different Hz. A feature in Premiere to bring all audio clips to the same Hz, so one can spare the roundtrip to Audition, may be an acceptable compromise. (There is no discussion regarding this topic in the Premiere Forum and so you may don’t get much feedback on that at all. But I bet most user haven’t figured out yet that this might be the problem in some cases when they experience choppy playback or crashes. Moreover, this problem is at its worth in when using multicamera, which I assume only a fraction of Premiere users does.)

    - GPU Acceleration ACCURACY: TOO OFTEN with GPU Acceleration turned on one gets DIFFERENT or even BUGGY results for some effects, especially with masks and opacity. This makes either GPU Acceleration or the effect for unusable which in both cases is non-desirable. E.g. When using Mask Expansion in certain cases it starts flickering (mask - black - mask - black - ...) between Keyframes. E.g. in some cases a title blacks out for 2 frames when a dissolve transition is applied (this does not happen when the dissolve is manually applied.).

    - Multicamera Stability: When working with Multicamera it randomly happens that a camera totally blacks out. The only workaround to get it back is to make an adjustment to the affected camera (like changing the scale).

    - Usability of the (new) title tool: The not so new anymore title tool is a great addition! But like the Audio Track Panel it lacks straight forward usability. I understand that Premiere has a certain stylesheet for buttons, layers and so on. But now the interface looks like it was invented by a programmer who thought about functionality and not much by a designer who thought about straightforward usability. I don't want to go into detail but think your people already noticed it. So, take this as humble confirmation.

    - More professional options for color correction/grading: I understand that you really want to keep it simple with the Lumetri Panel since television and the crowds not really demand much more. But as an editor for TV I wish to have further options anyway. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So, you may really think about this interesting piece:

    - Premiere Team Project stability: When leaving Premiere untouched for a while (say, an hour) it crashes - as simple as that. It may depend on Microsoft Power Saving options or what not, but than please notice me about that when I start Premiere. I often got the suggestion in the Premiere Forum not to install anything else on the PC when I want to use Premiere properly. But if that is matter of fact and really cuts away half of the crashes I experience on a near daily basis, than please be honest and notice the user about that when Premiere is installed; or at least make list of things how windows should be set and which kind of programs should be considered not be installed alongside Premiere.

    - Premiere Team Project - Dynamic Link: Please bring the Dynamic Link options of Team projects to the level none-Team Projects. E.g. non-destructive working between Premiere Pro and Audition.

    Thank you!

  • Scott Moore commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Better performance for Mac machines. I have a brand new iMacPro and the performance is terrible ( actually slower than my 2010 MacPro for after effects). If i convert the same project over to FCPX it plays perfectly with no issues. It seems on the surface that Premiere and Ae are only using 10% of the processing power in the computer... which is just crazy!

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