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  1. Support for ProRes RAW

    Support for Apple's newest codec, ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ

    1,378 votes
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    Hi everyone,

    as of last night, ProRes RAW is available via the Public Beta program. More info on how it works is available from

    If you wanna learn more about which Adobe products are supported, system requirements and then some, please head over to

    Note: we’re still ramping up Public Beta, if you don’t see it yet in your region / using your Adobe ID, please either contact me directly ( or give this a little more time to show up in your Creative Cloud Desktop Application.


  2. Fix the Default audio output for iMac Pro

    On my previous iMac and my current MacBook Pro the audio in Premiere and After Effects would switch to headphones when headphones were plugged in and switch back to the speakers when I unplugged, all without having to go up to Audio Hardware in preferences and switching.

    Now, on the iMac Pro that is not the case. Each time I plug in headphones, the timeline stops playing and i have to go up to preferences and audio hardware and select external headphones or iMac Pro speakers if I'm unplugging them.

    I was on the phone with Apple about this as…

    548 votes
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    I’m happy to say we’ve made this feature available for testing in our public beta builds which are rolling out to every Creative Cloud member right now. Public Betas are an opportunity to share features and fixes as early as possible to gather feedback. For more details about the Public Beta and how to install these tools, please visit

    You’ll now see a new audio device option on MacOS: System Default. When selected for input, output, or both, Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, AME, Character Animator, and Rush will use whichever audio device is set as the OS option, and will switch automatically when that changes.

    For instance, if you plug in a USB microphone while Premiere is open, and System Default is selected as your default input device, Premiere will automatically switch over to use the new microphone for recording voiceovers if MacOS recognizes this device as…

  3. Add translucent background effect for closed captions.

    While Closed Captions shows the option for a translucent background, I can't select anything except for opaque. This makes it difficult for my viewers to see what's going on behind the captions. Research showed that this is a wide-spread problem.

    6 votes
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  4. Open Captions - Italic tags <i>...</i> not recognized on two lines of text

    When I import an .srt file with all some of the text italicized, I see <i>...</i> tags instead of italics in the burned-in subtitles.
    When there is one line of text or one word tagged it comes out as italic.
    When the whole sentence is marked as italic and it's on two lines, Premiere Pro doesn't recognize the tag and displays in in Regular font
    with <i>...</i> tags.

    In order to display italics on both lines of text in one subtitle, each line has to be tagged <i>...</i> separately.
    Please, fix the error, so when a whole block of text…

    5 votes
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