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In an effort to improve communications between you and the Premiere Pro team, we are moving this feedback forum to the Premiere Pro page on the Adobe Support Community. As requested, bugs and feature requests will be able to live separately in that forum.

This move is happening in part to acknowledge that we haven't been responsive enough here, and are combining our forums to help remedy that. Ideas and their attached comments from this UserVoice forum will be migrated based on how many voted for them. Check your profile on the Adobe Support Community to see any migrated posts that you've created or commented on. If you have an item here that did not make the migration, please bring it over to our new home.

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  1. Better Utilization for GPUs using SLI and Multi-thread processors.

    Adobe should allow for better use of GPUs using SLI in Premier Pro and AE. Multi-thread processors are not going away and Adobe should allow their users to utilize them with their programs.

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  2. Desperately need H265 to function properly

    How is the ball being so fully dropped on this one?

    I'm running a RTX 3080 and scrubbing in Premier Pro is garbage. Ok, I can work with it anyway if I have to, but then I try to export and it fails 100% of the time.

    Looking around the net, the advice is "Turn off hardware encoding". (Media Encoder and Premier Pro)

    WHAT?!?!? You have to be joking. You have to be literally having us on.

    But I tried it and it still fails 100% of the time. So I'm exporting massive h264 files when I'd really like h265,…

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    Hi Victor, 

    I would suggest you post this issue in the Support Community forum for Premiere Pro

    The reason is that we do support H.265 including hardware acceleration for it. However, there are several factors that affect that including:

    • The bit level and chroma-subsampling of the file (e.g., 10-bit 4:2:2 vs. 8-bit 4:2:0)
    • The processor make, generation, and model your PC has. 

    However, like you're pointing out, you should be able to export just fine, even if hardware acceleration isn't available. Posting on the support forum is a better place to get into the details of why it is not working in your case. 



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